Please enjoy our selection of official Graham Audio videos.

James Towler of Wincraft Music Studios

James is the resident engineer at Wincraft Music Studios, buried deep in the Gloucestershire countryside. As one of the first professional engineers to adopt the LS5/9, we were keen to hear what he thought about the LS3/5 as a nearfield monitor, and also to get his feedback on a scaled-down version of the SYSTEM3D - the 3 way 3D Pro, intended for use in medium-sized studios.

Interview with Derek Hughes

Derek works with Graham Audio to produce all our loudspeaker designs. This interview was recorded during the UK launch of the LS5/9 at the Bristol 2014 Sound & Vision hi-fi show, where he talked about the design process and what makes the BBC designs so special.

Timelapse construction of an LS5/9

All our loudspeakers are hand-made here in Devon, using traditional techniques and a great deal of attention to detail. See how the final assembly process brings together the cabinet, drive units and crossover - and all the other small details - after prior inspection and testing of these components.